Wild Cat Patterns

The wild cats are such a popular topic for design, not only for their beautiful patterned camouflage that nature has created, but also for their sleek, feline shapes and the individual characters of the species.

The Lazy Leopard I believe captures that time of the day when most of the wild cats are asleep, lazing around saving their energy for the chase. Unlike many of the big cat family the leopard likes to lounge above the ground; in my design it’s straddling the trunk of a tree. Initially designed for an art print, the design is now available on greetings cards, cushions and a lampshade.

Design: Tropical Panther
Tropical Panther
Design: Lazy Leopard (Black)
Lazy Leopard (Black)
Design: Lazy Leopard (White)
Lazy Leopard (White)

The panther is a more elusive creature; without a striking coat its black appearance disappears into the undergrowth, with only bright eyes giving away its presence. We are always fascinated by animals in the wild; and especially the unusual. My panther is sat amongst tropical flowers and leaves with white highlights bringing out his silhouette on the aubergine ground. So as to give the panther a design character I surrounded him with fruit and a zig-zag border, hence the Zig Zag Tropical Panther – a title that more than equals the Lazy Leopard. The panther design can be found on cork placemats and coasters, with a brighter version appearing on greetings cards.

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