Why Cork

CorkWhy I have chosen cork for my feature range, is because of its warm tactile properties and it’s versatility and sustainability. It is non- allergenic, light, heat resistant, perfect for polished surfaces and a safe product to have around the house.

Cork is an environmentally friendly product. The cork trees are indigenous to Portugal, Spain and the Western Mediterranean. The forests are carefully maintained and replanted regularly to produce a continuous supply of cork and enhance the landscape. The cork is the outer bark of the tree and harvested every 9 -10 years between May and August. It, can be extracted from the tree without causing damage, which allows some trees to live naturally and continuously produce bark for 200 years.

Production ProcessThe digital printing on cork is a new way of updating this practical material. The high quality cork, with its smooth sanded finish and rounded edges takes the detail of pattern and colour so well that it brings my unique designs to life – whilst retaining the distinctive texture and quality of the cork.