Turquoise Home Accessories

Turquoise is one of my favourite colours being one of my signature brand colours at Decorque. It is an opaque blue green mineral. Ancient civilisations prized the gemstone for its unique hue. The Egyptians in particular used it in jewellery and decoration. It was esteemed as a holy stone a bringer of good fortune, or a talisman.

To interiors, whether decoration or home accessories it brings a clean freshness of the clear aqua blue of waters of the sea.

In my Turquoise home accessories range is the wonderful ‘Charm of Hummingbirds‘ design, decorating square cork placemats and coasters. A stunning theme for any dining table. Bringing a tropical flair to outdoor dining and around the house are the ‘Tropically Toucan’ plastic placemats. Picture a glimpse of nature on your walls with our art prints in two sizes, or if you are ‘totally taken with turquoise’, then I’ve designed just the greeting card for you!

Turquoise Moodboard

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