Tropical Patterns

The tropical essence in design, brightens up our lives! What else reminds us of warmer sunny days, holidays, and the places we long to visit. My tropical world is designed around exotic creatures, birds, butterflies and flowers. I don’t portray their indigenous habitat, but prefer to invent my own, with flora and fauna created by hand in watercolours or photographic images re-coloured and brought together in Photoshop.

The birds I have chosen for my designs are the toucan, parrots and cockatoos, all of which have attracted my attention with their unique silhouette and intense colour – there is a vast choice of these fabulous tropical birds.

Some of the all-over prints Company of Parrots, Cockatoo and Butterfly and the Tropical Forest I have designed specifically for the plastic placemats. I believe this offers a new fresh look to an everyday useful product. I particularly like the idea of taking the tropical design into the garden in Summer to brighten up the patio table. A best seller is the Tropical Forest; the intense water-colour green and blue leaves intermingling with the strong linear white tiger lilies to provide a great new rainforest setting.

Design: Hot Skin Print
Hot Skin Print
Design: Skin Tropique
Skin Tropique
Design: Tropically Toucan
Tropically Toucan
Design: Tropical Forest
Tropical Forest
Design: Tropical Panther
Tropical Panther
Design: Company of Parrots
Company of Parrots
Design: Cockatoo & Butterfly
Cockatoo & Butterfly
Design: Lazy Leopard (Black)
Lazy Leopard (Black)
Design: Lazy Leopard (White)
Lazy Leopard (White)

The large hand-painted toucan is the star of the Tropically Toucan art print. The smaller images behind, perched in the foliage, can also be found on a plastic placemat with a pale turquoise ground.

In this tropical category I have also placed the elusive panther, set in its exotic scene in the Zig Zag Tropical Panther and the Lazy Leopard resting on the trunk of a tree in the heat of the wild.

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