Zebra Secret Safari- Framed Art Print


This is a contemporary art print with a topical, tropical theme. The imaginary secret safari has the fabulous zebra as the star character. The stunning black and white stripes of the zebra – framed by black, large fan-shaped leaves and a background of black silhouettes on white, bring together this tropical setting.

The giraffe, panther and zebra are hand-drawn and are painted intentionally in a naturalistic way, in contrast to the precisely drawn and shaded exotic leaves, that are created in Illustrator. The beautiful green, beige-browns, blues and orange tones of the ground foliage grow into a stunning scene; all bought together in Photoshop.

This unique image is printed on 230gsm Epson Matt paper.

Print size is perfect for a mount with a 12 x 17cm. aperture, which is set in a white picture frame 18 x 24 cms. The frame, included in your purchase can be displayed on a wall or if you are short of hanging space, it has a multi-way back stand to display on a flat surface.

UK shipping is included.