Two Yellow Skin Heaven Plastic Placemats
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Two Yellow Skin Heaven Plastic Placemats


This set of  plastic placemats is given a glow of sunshine with the 'Yellow Rose & Skin' print.  Bringing a fresh zesty new look to the Opaline, you get a brighter very practical version, perfect for dining outdoors, around the house, or even in the bedroom to protect surfaces.  The placemats are unique in design, fashionable, light to store and are easy to clean.

A leopard skin print flows across a delicately tinted yellow ground.  Dark brown tortoise-shell and yellow, three petaled flower buttons, appear here and there, partly disappearing behind the yellow hand painted, and soft photographic roses fresh from the garden.  A really beautiful, brighter version of  the ‘Yellow Rose & Skin’  design brings a contemporary floral look to an everyday product, these colourful pieces will certainly up-date your al fresco dining.

These mats are made from 500 Micron clear Opaline, the matt finish should face upward when in use as the reverse has a layer of varnish to protect the quality of the print.  Direct contact with hot plates is not recommended.  They are light, versatile, waterproof and just wipe clean.  Size: 290 x 400mm.

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