Two Tropically Toucan Plastic Placemats
Two Tropically Toucan Plastic Placemats in SituTwo Tropically Toucan Plastic Placemats Singluar

Two Tropically Toucan Plastic Placemats


The 'Tropical Toucan' is a perfect subject for brightening up the patio table on a Summer's day in the garden.  The placemats have a unique design,  subtle colour, are light to store and easy to clean.

Dark blue toucans sit happily on a pale turquoise tinted ground.  The leaves and flowers are a slight turquoise green water-colour fading softly away.  Bright yellow and orange bills, reveal the presence of the toucans across the tropical scene.  This cool imaginative pattern brings a fresh looking design to an everyday product, bringing a tropical scene into Summer dining in the garden.

These mats are made from 500 Micron clear Opaline, the matt finish should face upward when in use as the reverse has a layer of varnish to protect the quality of the print.  Direct contact with hot plates is not recommended.  They are light, versatile, waterproof and just wipe clean.  Size: 290 x 400mm.

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