Two Pink Rose & Skin Rectangular Placemats
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Two Pink Rose & Skin Rectangular Cork Placemats


The soft pink rectangular placemats are a perfect size for a place setting, and will add a touch of colour and style to your dining table.  If you would like to complete the set, the pink 'Skin Heaven' design is also available on square coasters.

This set of two rectangular shaped placemats, feature the soft antique pink 'Skin Heaven' print.  There is a unique mixture of hand-painted & photographic pink roses on a soft leopard skin patterned ground with decorative buttons.  The patterns blend beautifully into the cork becoming a part of this natural material.  Digital printing on the cork allows the subtle differences in tone, colour, media and detail to be clearly visible, creating a contemporary look for the naturally versatile cork.  A uniquely designed accessory for the dining table, kitchen or around the house.

These mats are eco-friendly, hard wearing, made from 100% high quality cork, with a smooth finish and rounded edges.  They are ideal for indoor use, and measure 290 x 215 in size and x 8mm in thickness.

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