Four Tropical Panther Square Cork Coasters
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Four Tropical Panther Square Cork Coasters


The extremely popular 'Tropical Panther' design is a must for all wild cat lovers.  The panther, in an imaginary habitat, is enclosed in a zig-zag border within an aubergine outer frame.  These coasters, with the large placemats, complete a unique and stunning place-setting for your table.  They are perfect for protecting any surface; they do not stick to your glass and will absorb any heat from hot drinks.  They make a unique decorative, practical gift or home accessory.

The 'Tropical Panther' design is adapted from the larger placemat pattern.  A single panther sits on a black square background, surrounded by a zig-zag geometric border with tiny corner pineapples.  The outer frame is aubergine in colour, defining the shape of the cork.   This design has a hand-painted scene with borders drawn in Illustrator and brought together in Photoshop.  Wild cats are popular subjects in design and this pattern is a new subject on cork.  Digital printing has transformed the quality of colour and detail possible on such a versatile practical, natural textured material.

These coasters are eco-friendly, hard wearing, made from 100% high quality cork, with a smooth finish and rounded edges.  They are ideal for indoor use, and measure 105 x 105 in size and x 8mm in thickness.

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