Four Designer Butterfly Round Cork Coasters
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Four Red Flower & Butterfly Round Cork Coasters


This bold design for coasters has a large central red flower surrounded by black linear butterflies inside an outer red border.  These circular coasters are perfect for protecting any surface; they do not stick to your glass and will absorb any heat from hot drinks.   They complete a vibrant place setting with the circular placemats in the same red flower and butterfly design.

The circular design is taken from the larger placemat design, and works well with a strong central red flower drawn in Illustrator as its main focus.  Creating a ring around the flower are black linear butterflies set in a red outer border.  Digital printing on the cork allows the subtle differences in tone, colour, media and detail to be clearly visible, creating a unique modern look for the naturally versatile cork.  They make a very useful decorative gift or a practical addition around the home.

These coasters are eco-friendly, hard wearing, made from high quality cork, with a smooth finish and rounded edges.  They are ideal for indoor use around the house, and measure 110 x 110 x 8mm in thickness.

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