Fantasy Candelabra lampshade
Fantasy Candelabra lampshade - Situ

Fantasy Candelabra lampshade


No need for candles, you can light up your dining room with this beautiful patterned candelabra lampshade.  The butterflies, roses and fruit appear in this modern chintz decorative border.

Light up your dining area with this delightful candelabra lampshade. The cool turquoise Fantasy Candelabra lampshade brings a imaginary scene of butterflies and flowers to life. A main candelabra stands defined by its strong chintz pattern with three pale turquoise candles. Around is a softer chintz, of fantasy roses, shells and butterflies, some in full colour and detail, others fade away into the distance.

The lampshade is hand-rolled on a PVC backing especially for lampshades with a white frame. This design is printed on cotton.
Can be used in U.K and Europe; just remove the plastic converter ring if needed.

Maximum 60 watt bulb. Size : 30 cm diameter x 21 cm height.

Immediate delivery if in stock. U.K Postage £5.00  International Shipping not available