Fantasy Candelabra Duo Print Cushion
Fantasy Candelabra Duo Print Cushion - Back Close UpFantasy Candelabra Duo Print Cushion - FrontFantasy Candelabra Duo Print Cushion - Front in SituFantasy Candelabra Duo Print Cushion - Back in Situ

Fantasy Candelabra Duo Print Cushion


If you love this 'Fantasy Candelabra' design with it's soft chintz, this duo print option allows you to enjoy one side and then for a change, just turn it over for a new look!  Perfect for any room, or as a stunning gift for someone who loves the cool pale tones of blue.

On one side the product features a main candelabra standing defined by its strong chintz pattern with three pale turquoise candles.  Around is a softer chintz of fantasy roses, fruit, shells and butterflies, some in full colour and detail, while others fade away into the distance using a different opacity.  On the reverse is a pale turquoise background, decorated with spaced white candelabra silhouettes repeated across the fabric.  In between is a variety of tiny chintz and hand-painted butterflies with hovering turquoise birds carrying berries.  This cushion is printed onto a cotton based fabric and has a simple one-side zip opening for easy cleaning.

For maximum comfort has a duck feather inner pad made in Britain. The cushion is 400 x 400mm overall size.

Immediate delivery if in stock. U.K Postage: £5.00.  International Shipping not available

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