Scenic Designs

Many of my designs are glimpses or snap-shots of a moment in time, whether naturalistic or imaginative; the scene is there to look into and see more!

The scenes have a realistic basis in something I have either seen or recorded in sketch form or just a memory in my mind. Animals, butterflies and birds in their natural habitat greatly interest me, and with my imagination become part of a unique scene to portray.

Taking creatures out of their usual surroundings and introducing them into new, imaginative scenes is something I enjoy, effectively, creating a new world!

Design: Lantern at Daybreak
Lantern at Day Break
Design: Chintz Anglais
Chintz Anglais
Design: Christmas Day Lantern
Christmas Day Lantern
Design: Lazy Leopard
Lazy Leopard
Design: Red Rose Glasses
Red Rose Glasses
Design: Tropically Toucan
Tropically Toucan
Design: Rabbit Toile
Rabbit Toile
Design: Pink Jewellery Tree
Pink Jewellery Tree
Design: A Cats Christmas
A Cats Christmas
Design: Imagination in Time
Imagination in Time
Design: Magical White Christmas
Magical White Christmas
Design: Fantasy Candelabra
Fantasy Candelabra

Birds flying over a floating scene of clocks, roses, paisleys and pattern in the Imagination in Time art print is a perfect example. Butterflies fluttering around a candelabra or patterned champagne glasses, mixes nature with everyday indoor objects. In the Lazy Leopard card and art print, I introduce the quintessentially soft English roses into a tropical scene. The soft, butter yellow of the flowers coordinates well with the colouring of the leopard, and the whole scene becomes a fantasy.

Toiles too, are a great way of portraying scenes that can tell a story. I have used this genre as a feature on two Christmas cards, where a circular snap-shot of the Cat’s Christmas in red, and the blue Magical White Christmas paint a festive picture.

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