Red Home Accessories

Red is the colour of rubies, strawberries, and poppies associated with danger, passion and fire. In China, it stands for good fortune, happiness and longevity. In Britain it has been used historically for our cultural icons, the post box, the red buses and our memorable telephone boxes.

As a colour around the home, red is not for the timid, it is a bold statement but if used as an accent colour, like the ruby it brings depth and warmth.

Using the red colour palette I have designed a beautiful range of red placemats and coasters. Alongside this sits my collection of limited edition red wall art and red plastic placemats. One of my most popular designs is the ‘Red and Black Butterfly‘ on cork square placemats and coasters. I also have circular shaped items in my collections which are enhanced with special ‘Red Flower and Feather’ and the ‘Red Flower and Butterfly’ designs to work with the circular shape. I also have Tropical cockatoos coming to life on my bright plastic mats for dining outdoors and for use around the house. Keep a vase of red roses forever fresh in one of my framed art prints or on a special greetings card.

Red Moodboard

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