Pink Home Accessories

Pink is a tint of red, the ‘colour of love’. The name comes from the flowers called Pinks, named after their frilled edges, hence the ‘pinking shears’ of today.

We think of pink as being primarily a feminine colour. Rosy cheeks are a sign of health. Tonally as soft as the delicate pink tea rose or as vibrant as the Bougainvillea. Your choice is endless; from the retro psychedelic, the soft and pretty to the faded antique pink of vintage.

I offer the very pretty, feminine hue in my ‘Pink Rose Skin Heaven’ design available on square and rectangular cork placemats and coasters, bringing a fresh fragrance to your table. This design also works with a brighter version in plastic for your outdoor dining. Display my ‘Pink Paradise’ art print on your bedroom wall, or for those of pink persuasion choose from my collection of pink greetings cards, both printed and handcrafted to send onto someone special.

Pink Moodboard

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