Orange Home Accessories

Orange is the vitamin C of life, whether the sweet juicy citrus fruit or the warm hue of coral living in the tropical waters sustaining life. The hot spices, saffron, turmeric and paprika produce its taste and aroma.

Orange is Autumn, pumpkins, carrots and sweet potatoes all coloured by the pigment carotene. But in our homes we could look no further than the magnificent tiger, the orange on his back fading to white highlighted by black stripes, a perfect combination!

Using this palette I have designed and got produced sets of cork placemats and coasters using my ‘Orange Rose Skin Heaven’ design, fabulous for any dining room table. Alongside this, for dining outdoors, and around the house are brighter plastic placemats. I have also worked up coordinating designs in my art print collection, in two sizes which are a must for your home picture gallery. If your world is orange then even my greeting cards will be perfect for you, available in singles or in packs, they will definitely fit the bill! Pop on over to my sister site, Decorque Cards to view them.

Orange Moodboard

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