Christmas Designs

The traditional icons and colours of Christmas play a large part in this group of designs. I love the glowing reds, ambers and golds mixed with the fresh greens and turquoise of the Christmas trees. A Christmas design should make a statement, not only in subject but also in colour, to bring a sparkle to the festive season.

The cosy interior of the Cat’s Christmas Toile is in contrast to the cooler palette of the Magical White Christmas, which shows the cold crisp outdoors in a seasonal, picturesque form.

There is always a song, hymn or scene which epitomises our own personal Christmas, and the reindeer probably appears in most. The Ikat Reindeer with its red and white pattern stands a strong figure on black, encased in a golden Ikat border, whereas the Reindeer Sparkle has a reindeer in flight at the centre of a snowflake a magical scene.

Design: A Cats Christmas
A Cats Christmas
Design: Christmas Day Lantern
Christmas Day Lantern
Design: Reindeer Sparkle
Reindeer Sparkle
Design: Ikat Reindeer
Ikat Reindeer
Design: Magical White Christmas
Magical White Christmas
Design: Christmas Morning Lantern
Christmas Morning Lantern
Design: Partridge in a Pear Shaped Tree
Partridge in a Pear Tree
Design: Festive Turquoise Partridge
Festive Turquoise Partridge

We all know the carol, The Twelve Days of Christmas, and the Partridge in a Pear Tree and the Festive Turquoise Partridge both depict that first day of Christmas.

The glowing colours are an inspiration taken from the Dutch Masters, and are stunning on both cards and coasters.

The popular, traditional English scene is a must for my collection and the Christmas Day and Morning Lanterns are just that, derived from the Lantern at Daybreak art print. Changing the colour palettes to more festive tones, the birds to robins, and the flowers changing to cones, produces a really intimate winter scene; all over-looked by the symbolic doves of peace.

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