Yellow Rose Skin

The signature ‘Decorque Classic’ Range was the first collection specifically produced for the cork placemats and coasters with a fashion-edge design. I liked the thought of bringing an eco-friendly material up to date in the Home Accessories market.

The group comprises of a similar design in four colour ways, yet each one being quite different. The roses are chosen from the garden for their colour, the decorative buttons come from my button tin – an eclectic mix collected over the years! Continue reading Yellow Rose Skin

Woodland Butterfly

The earthy tones of brown and beige, with animal skin patterns and textures of the natural cork, portray that woodland feel.

There are mixtures of hand-drawn roses and butterflies with images recoloured in Photoshop, and flat simple soft coral roses produced in Illustrator. Variations in the opacity of the layers of patterns and textures are built up under the accumulation of different butterflies. Continue reading Woodland Butterfly

Wild Cat Patterns

The wild cats are such a popular topic for design, not only for their beautiful patterned camouflage that nature has created, but also for their sleek, feline shapes and the individual characters of the species.

The Lazy Leopard I believe captures that time of the day when most of the wild cats are asleep, lazing around saving their energy for the chase. Unlike many of the big cat family the leopard likes to lounge above the ground; in my design it’s straddling the trunk of a tree. Initially designed for an art print, the design is now available on greetings cards, cushions and a lampshade.

Continue reading Wild Cat Patterns

Tropically Toucan

The toucan, with its brightly coloured striking beak is one of the world’s most popular birds. I think it’s a great subject for design, whether in naturalistic or stylised form, it’s surely somewhat of an icon!

The ‘Tropically Toucan’ art print, has a large hand-painted toucan at the forefront perched on a cork textured branch with an exotic backdrop. Simple garden flowers and leaves are turned into tropical form by changing the hue and colour intensity in Photoshop. Smaller water-colour scenes with toucans are mixed in amongst the foliage, all set on a white ground. Continue reading Tropically Toucan

Tropical Patterns

The tropical essence in design, brightens up our lives! What else reminds us of warmer sunny days, holidays, and the places we long to visit. My tropical world is designed around exotic creatures, birds, butterflies and flowers. I don’t portray their indigenous habitat, but prefer to invent my own, with flora and fauna created by hand in watercolours or photographic images re-coloured and brought together in Photoshop.

The birds I have chosen for my designs are the toucan, parrots and cockatoos, all of which have attracted my attention with their unique silhouette and intense colour – there is a vast choice of these fabulous tropical birds. Continue reading Tropical Patterns

Tropical Panther

Adding a touch of mystique to the tropical wild cat designs is the Black Panther.

Designing this with the square cork placemat shape in mind, I liked the idea of a scene where the elusive black silhouette of the panther sits secluded in amongst tropical flowers and leaves. Setting this on an aubergine background mixed with the red highlights gives a warm glow to the cork, against the darker areas of black. A border of pineapples, fruit and leaves frames the centre pattern, whilst on the outer band are zig zag geometric stripes with an aubergine finished edge. Continue reading Tropical Panther

Tropical Forest

This design is a glimpse into the green and blue world of the dense foliage of the tropical forest. The large exotic leaves owe their individual colour and pattern to the techniques of sprayed water-colour and the use of masking fluid to reveal the delicate tones lying beneath.

Flecked, petalled lilies become part of the scene, as small turquoise birds hover around a break in the leaves.

Continue reading Tropical Forest

Tribal Aztec

When considering another geometric design that could work on cases for electronic devices, I decided to keep to the ethnic influences.

The Aztec patterns have a primitive quality, but can be quite complicated in their colour and pattern. For this medium, I wanted to smarten up the image and make it controlled and precise, for a more contemporary pattern. Continue reading Tribal Aztec

Spaced Parrot Repeat

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