Blue Home Accessories

Blue is the precious coveted sapphire. We tend to think of cloudless blue skies and the sea. Cobalt, the purest true blue is the most expensive pigment in paint. The powerful darker blues of uniforms are serious, signifying responsibility; whereas, the paler blues are beneficial to the mind and body, promoting health and calm.

Introducing this cool blue character into our homes embraces a feeling of freedom, cleanliness and tranquility. Continue reading Blue Home Accessories

Green Home Accessories

Green is the colour of nature, the grass, the leaves and the fresh fruit of the lime. Epitomising Springtime, wellbeing and hope. Emeralds and jade are two of the most prized stones in the world for their elegance and beauty.

To bring green into our homes we invite a freshness that enhances our sense of health, balance and harmony with nature. From the acidic chartreuse, olive, lush green grass to the emerald, it will energise your surroundings. Continue reading Green Home Accessories

Red Home Accessories

Red is the colour of rubies, strawberries, and poppies associated with danger, passion and fire. In China, it stands for good fortune, happiness and longevity. In Britain it has been used historically for our cultural icons, the post box, the red buses and our memorable telephone boxes.

As a colour around the home, red is not for the timid, it is a bold statement but if used as an accent colour, like the ruby it brings depth and warmth. Continue reading Red Home Accessories

Turquoise Home Accessories

Turquoise is one of my favourite colours being one of my signature brand colours at Decorque. It is an opaque blue green mineral. Ancient civilisations prized the gemstone for its unique hue. The Egyptians in particular used it in jewellery and decoration. It was esteemed as a holy stone a bringer of good fortune, or a talisman.

To interiors, whether decoration or home accessories it brings a clean freshness of the clear aqua blue of waters of the sea. Continue reading Turquoise Home Accessories

Purple Home Accessories

Purple is a deep rich shade between crimson and violet. It was the colour worn by emperors and bishops, having always been associated with royalty and piety. The Amethyst is a variety of quartz used in jewellery, its colour ranging from pale violet to deep purple, and believed to prevent intoxication.

For purple interiors, there are the pretty lilacs, but if choosing stronger purples, try mixing with silver, black and white for an opulent look. Continue reading Purple Home Accessories

Pink Home Accessories

Pink is a tint of red, the ‘colour of love’. The name comes from the flowers called Pinks, named after their frilled edges, hence the ‘pinking shears’ of today.

We think of pink as being primarily a feminine colour. Rosy cheeks are a sign of health. Tonally as soft as the delicate pink tea rose or as vibrant as the Bougainvillea. Your choice is endless; from the retro psychedelic, the soft and pretty to the faded antique pink of vintage. Continue reading Pink Home Accessories

Orange Home Accessories

Orange is the vitamin C of life, whether the sweet juicy citrus fruit or the warm hue of coral living in the tropical waters sustaining life. The hot spices, saffron, turmeric and paprika produce its taste and aroma.

Orange is Autumn, pumpkins, carrots and sweet potatoes all coloured by the pigment carotene. But in our homes we could look no further than the magnificent tiger, the orange on his back fading to white highlighted by black stripes, a perfect combination! Continue reading Orange Home Accessories

Black & White Home Accessories

Black and white must be the most dramatic colour combination, the lack of colour in the white light and the black density of intense colour.

These extremes are what attract us to some of our favourite animals such as the panda, penguin and of course the amazing patterned zebra! This simple contrast allows us to add any colour or any number of colour combinations, floral or geometric, giving our homes a very bold clean cut contemporary look. Continue reading Black & White Home Accessories

Yellow Home Accessories

Yellow is the colour of gold, daffodils and ripe lemons. It is associated with sunshine bringing brightness, warmth, optimism and pleasure into our lives. Exotic spices such as saffron and turmeric colour our food. The yellow gemstones range from the golden Beryl to the popular Amber.

Being the most visible and attractive colour to birds and insects, we too should use it to enlighten our lives and surroundings. Bringing that burst of sunshine into our interiors! Continue reading Yellow Home Accessories