Butterfly Designs

The pattern, colour and decorative shape of the beautiful butterfly is a gift to all designers with its perfectly mirrored patterned wings. This delicate insect reminds us of warm summer days – another reason why we are drawn to using the butterfly as a symbol of happiness and sunshine – something to brighten up our lives.

I use a variety of butterflies in my designs, some are hand-drawn/painted, others are perfectly created in Illustrator in black line and gradient colours. Those with softer decoration are cut from patterns of nature or pre-existing designs, not created within the shape. This individual random pattern is how I create unique butterflies of my own.

These magical insects flutter around tropical and the quintessentially-English scenes of nature, bringing movement and fantasy to the floral displays. As in nature, flowers and butterflies come together, the flowers colour, scent and nectar, which they feed on, attracts the butterfly.

Design: Decorque Display
Decorque Display
Design: Cork Butterfly Bush
Cork Butterfly Bush
Design: Rose & Dragonfly
Rose & Dragonfly
Design: Butterfly Eclipse
Butterfly Eclipse
Design: Spaced Candelabra
Spaced Candelabra
Design: Red Black Butterfly
Red Black Butterfly
Design: Woodland Butterfly
Woodland Butterfly
Design: Butterfly Morning Blossom
Butterfly Morning Blossom
Design: Dragonfly Night
Dragonfly Night
Design: Red Rose Glasses
Red Rose Glasses
Design: Red Flower & Butterfly
Red Flower & Butterfly
Design: Fantasy Candelabra
Fantasy Candelabra
Design: Dragonfly Display
Dragonfly Display
Design: Cockatoo & Butterfly
Cockatoo & Butterfly

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