Blue Rose Skin

The cooler tones of blue is a personal favourite, and whether for interiors or home accessories I’m definitely a fan!

The Blue Rose Skin print is another in the Decorque Classic range. It is used on my website and on the cover of my catalogue as my signature print.

Although all the designs in the Decorque Classic range seem almost colour ways of one print, they are all quite different in construction and content.

The blue roses come from a photograph taken in my garden, but the original was a peach tone. I re-coloured the image in layers, hence the colours are produced by dots of different shades.

Blue Rose Skin SketchEach colour palette looks totally different on the cork, but no detail or subtlety is lost when they are digitally printed; this new concept works well. The blue floral buttons keep their shine and the hand-painted rose flower heads retain their originality against the soft blue tonal roses produced in Photoshop. The fine detailed leopard print forming part of the background almost becomes part of texture of the cork.

This was initially designed for the square cork placemat, then adapted for the rectangular placemats and, to complete the set for the square coasters. The cork is such a versatile material; eco-friendly, heat resistant, hard wearing and has a natural tactile beauty. The colours take on more of a soft, antique look on the cork; but, for a brighter version there are our ‘Blue Skin Heaven’ plastic mats. These are ready-to-use anywhere around the house when you need to protect a surface, or to brighten up your patio table in Summer.

In my stationery range, there is a single greeting card in this exact design, or a beautiful hand-crafted Wedding Card, where a softer ombré version decorates the three-tier wedding cake. For a perfect gift, choose my blue presentation box of four coasters with a coordinating greetings card and gift tag. To introduce some blue accent colours into your living space, try my Decorque ‘Classic Blue Cushion’. The all-over blue rose skin print is softened by an ombré overprint, which on the coordinating lampshade has a stunning effect when illuminated – the pattern disappears into a haze of blue.

Bird Designs

Birds play a large part in my collection of designs. Whether the typical British garden bird like the blue-tit, the tropical Hummingbird or the exotic toucans and parrots I love their characters, shapes and colour.

The majority of the birds I draw are hand-painted in water-colour first, before bringing into their familiar backgrounds or scenes through Photoshop.

The Hummingbird in the Charm of Hummingbirds, is an exception, as this wonderful little bird is precisely drawn and coloured in Illustrator. I designed ornate wings of perfect pattern with bright gradients of colour in blues, greens and turquoise.

Design: Lantern at Daybreak
Lantern at Day Break
Design: Floral Flight
Floral Flight
Design: Charm of Hummingbirds
Charm of Hummingbirds
Design: Tropical Forest
Tropical Forest
Design: Imagination in Time
Imagination in Time
Design: Pink Parrot Paradise
Pink Parrot Paradise
Design: Chrysanthemum Bird
Chrysanthemum Bird
Design: Pink Rose & Bird
Pink Rose & Bird
Design: Kingfisher
Design: Pink Colibri
Pink Colibri
Enchanted Egg Tree
Enchanted Egg Tree
Design: Company of Parrots
Company of Parrots
Design: Tropically Toucan
Tropically Toucan
Design: Cockatoo & Butterfly
Cockatoo & Butterfly

A favourite pastime is creating birds from my imagination, doodling, adding decorative swirls to the tail of a swallow or crests to the head of a bird; creating a new exotic species, as you will see in the Imagination in Time print.

All birds have interesting silhouettes, in flight or roosting; they take pattern well whilst remaining a recognisable shape. The parrot in the Print Paradise art print is a good example, where the shape is decorated with a pink chintz bird design.

So, as you can see I find birds a fascinating subject, and a perfect image for design.

Animal Patterns

The wonderful camouflage patterns of animal skins bring that natural element of beauty to any design. As a backdrop for flowers, birds or butterflies they certainly enliven the design with that ‘wow’ factor. I adore animal prints particuarly leopard print pattern which is often used in fashion, believing that they blend well in the home, with their earthy brown and black tones complementing the wood of our furniture and floors.

When printed on my cork products the animal prints become part of the material’s natural pattern, blending in with the texture, and offering a subtle, unique, almost antique look.

Design: Blue Rose Skin
Blue Rose & Skin
Design: Hot Skin Print
Hot Skin Print
Design: Yellow Rose Skin
Yellow Rose Skin
Design: Dragonfly Display
Dragonfly Display
Design: Skin Tropique
Skin Tropique
Design: Orange Rose Skin
Orange Rose Skin
Design: Pink Colibri
Pink Colibri
Design: Soft Skin
Soft Skin
Design: Dragonfly Night
Dragonfly Night
Design: Pink Rose Skin
Pink Rose Skin
Design: Decorque Collection
Decorque Collection

In my classic Skin and Rose collection the leopard skin print mixes well with the pink, blue, coral and yellow photographic roses; the decorative buttons portray a more unusual addition to the designs.

Black and white animal prints are always the most dramatic. Applying these in layers and mixing in a hot colour palette of water-coloured animal print patterns, tropical flowers, butterflies and birds, really makes for an exotic mix! With a fashion influence in design, the Hot Skin and Skin Tropique are two of my most popular art prints, greetings cards and plastic placemats.

A Cats Christmas

This is a very cute design for all cat lovers, The Christmas Cat Toile.

Toiles are one of my favourite design genres, as they are really a “picture story” on fabric. Today, we have brought them up to date with a fresh new look and use, highlighting contemporary scenes, landmarks and animals; they are no longer just confined to use on furnishings, but now are found in home accessories, stationery and even fashion! Continue reading A Cats Christmas