Black & White Home Accessories

Black and white must be the most dramatic colour combination, the lack of colour in the white light and the black density of intense colour.

These extremes are what attract us to some of our favourite animals such as the panda, penguin and of course the amazing patterned zebra! This simple contrast allows us to add any colour or any number of colour combinations, floral or geometric, giving our homes a very bold clean cut contemporary look.

Bring a ‘zing’ to your outdoors dining with a set of my ‘Skin Tropique’ plastic placemats, a great combination of brights with black and white. Or, add to your contemporary style with my ‘Skin Tropique’ and ‘Hot Skin’ wall art ready framed if you wish; or impress with one of my coordinating greetings cards, which includes some of the best selling designs from the whole collection.

Black White Moodboard

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