Bird Designs

Birds play a large part in my collection of designs. Whether the typical British garden bird like the blue-tit, the tropical Hummingbird or the exotic toucans and parrots I love their characters, shapes and colour.

The majority of the birds I draw are hand-painted in water-colour first, before bringing into their familiar backgrounds or scenes through Photoshop.

The Hummingbird in the Charm of Hummingbirds, is an exception, as this wonderful little bird is precisely drawn and coloured in Illustrator. I designed ornate wings of perfect pattern with bright gradients of colour in blues, greens and turquoise.

Design: Lantern at Daybreak
Lantern at Day Break
Design: Floral Flight
Floral Flight
Design: Charm of Hummingbirds
Charm of Hummingbirds
Design: Tropical Forest
Tropical Forest
Design: Imagination in Time
Imagination in Time
Design: Pink Parrot Paradise
Pink Parrot Paradise
Design: Chrysanthemum Bird
Chrysanthemum Bird
Design: Pink Rose & Bird
Pink Rose & Bird
Design: Kingfisher
Design: Pink Colibri
Pink Colibri
Enchanted Egg Tree
Enchanted Egg Tree
Design: Company of Parrots
Company of Parrots
Design: Tropically Toucan
Tropically Toucan
Design: Cockatoo & Butterfly
Cockatoo & Butterfly

A favourite pastime is creating birds from my imagination, doodling, adding decorative swirls to the tail of a swallow or crests to the head of a bird; creating a new exotic species, as you will see in the Imagination in Time print.

All birds have interesting silhouettes, in flight or roosting; they take pattern well whilst remaining a recognisable shape. The parrot in the Print Paradise art print is a good example, where the shape is decorated with a pink chintz bird design.

So, as you can see I find birds a fascinating subject, and a perfect image for design.

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