Animal Patterns

The wonderful camouflage patterns of animal skins bring that natural element of beauty to any design. As a backdrop for flowers, birds or butterflies they certainly enliven the design with that ‘wow’ factor. I adore animal prints particuarly leopard print pattern which is often used in fashion, believing that they blend well in the home, with their earthy brown and black tones complementing the wood of our furniture and floors.

When printed on my cork products the animal prints become part of the material’s natural pattern, blending in with the texture, and offering a subtle, unique, almost antique look.

Design: Blue Rose Skin
Blue Rose & Skin
Design: Hot Skin Print
Hot Skin Print
Design: Yellow Rose Skin
Yellow Rose Skin
Design: Dragonfly Display
Dragonfly Display
Design: Skin Tropique
Skin Tropique
Design: Orange Rose Skin
Orange Rose Skin
Design: Pink Colibri
Pink Colibri
Design: Soft Skin
Soft Skin
Design: Dragonfly Night
Dragonfly Night
Design: Pink Rose Skin
Pink Rose Skin
Design: Decorque Collection
Decorque Collection

In my classic Skin and Rose collection the leopard skin print mixes well with the pink, blue, coral and yellow photographic roses; the decorative buttons portray a more unusual addition to the designs.

Black and white animal prints are always the most dramatic. Applying these in layers and mixing in a hot colour palette of water-coloured animal print patterns, tropical flowers, butterflies and birds, really makes for an exotic mix! With a fashion influence in design, the Hot Skin and Skin Tropique are two of my most popular art prints, greetings cards and plastic placemats.

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