About Me

Me at a trade show

I am Lesley Rudman Stevens and, with the help of family members I run a small design business called Decorque in Oxfordshire. I design everything from my home studio; including placemats, coasters, art prints, greetings cards, lampshades and cushions – a few of which I actually make myself.

As a textile designer, I started my creative path in the fashion industry, but in the past couple of years I have turned my design focus to pattern design for home accessories and gifts, selling directly to you the customer.

I like to think that I have brought a fresh look to an eco-friendly material – cork. Having my designs printed digitally, with such intricate detail and range of colour, is quite a new concept. Take a look at my short video below and see how these new decorative accessories can bring a touch of colour to your home.

Design-wise, my signature look is very much a mixed media of subject and pattern, with a fashion edge, an unusual twist, and it is these elements that contribute to the originality of my work in this field of design. One of my most popular ranges are my handcrafted cards.

I have a BA Hons in Fashion & Textiles and have spent many years as a freelance designer for the fashion industry.  A majority of my designs were commissioned and printed in India.  Hand-painted, highly decorative borders are a speciality of mine, and sometimes feature on a full skirt or dress length in size.

Of course, the Fashion Industry is seasonal so designs are short-lived, and as a textile designer you are largely unknown. Now, moving into the Home Accessories sector will change all that, and I would like my work to be recognised and to live on as unique surface pattern designs.

As everyone must, I have moved with the times as a pattern designer and have embraced technology. My designs have evolved using Illustrator and Photoshop whilst retaining the individual look and qualities of the hand-painted; this helps showcase my designs in a new, innovative way.

I love all aspects of nature, flora, fauna, insects, birds and animals. Nature’s patterns are far superior to anything we can create, and they never cease to inspire. ‘The Birds & Flowers of the World’, is one of my well used reference volumes which sits on my bookcase.

My unique cocktail of mixing the quintessentially English with the tropical, I hope you find both intriguing and exciting.  Introducing the animal print – with its natural effect that sits well with interior materials such as wood, marble, stone or cork – is one of my signature looks.  The leopard print pattern comes to life in my butterflies, leaves, flowers or as a backdrop.

I am also not shy when it comes to colour!  I intentionally use photographs of roses from the garden straight onto my products, so as not to lose that fresh intensity of colour.

Take a look at my design collection, all of which are available on a mixture of products, or get in touch if you’d like to commission me for a project, or if you’d just like to connect.

Trade and licensing

I am always open to new exciting design projects or licensing opportunities, as my desire to create new designs I feel will never cease. Having a profession doing what you love is a privilege!

Take a look at some of my products on this short video my team and I produced in 2013.

I am always open to new exciting design projects, licensing opportunities, selling to you as a customer or wholesale, if you would like to stock my products, please get in touch. There will always be new products in the pipe-line as my desire to create new designs I feel will never cease. Having a profession doing what you love is a privilege!

Business and Contact Details

Lesley Rudman Stevens
Email: info@decorque.com
Business Address: 2 Briar End, Kidlington, Oxfordshire, OX5 2YB
Registered Company Number: 8182142
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