Creative Ideas For The Home

There can surely be nothing more exciting than getting inventive with your own living space. Obviously, the extent with which you will be able to get creative will depend on if you own your home or if you rent and also your budget.

If you rent this might be a bit trickier, as your options are more limited. It will depend what your landlord/letting agent will let you do. I know from experience that some people allow you to paint and make quite serious changes, and others don’t even let you put a picture up. So it’s important to find out what your restraints are.

For limited spaces, there are plenty of clever and inventive ways to create new spaces, and storage options. Ikea is a great place to start, as they are experts at fitting a lot into a small space. Whether it be foldaway coat racks, drawers for under your bed or cupboards that have drawers within drawers. Maximising the space you have and making it look good are what’s important to us all, regardless of style.

Ikea Storage Ideas

Under Decorating a Rental Property on Pinterest you will find there are also a lot of visual, quite creative ideas to take a look at. Other sites like Huffington Post have put together a guide of things you can do without risking your deposit. A lot of these focus on things you can add to the space, or items of your own furniture you can customise or make work harder, such as adding a rug or curtains, customising your bookcases by adding wallpaper to the back or changing knobs on a cupboard to adding plants on your window sill or making use of storage areas like Ikea suggest and get creative with them and the options.

A lot of these changes can be simple, and can work around pieces you already own. You can be more creative if you opt for a non-furnished property as then you have fewer restrictions. Maybe it’s time to get the paint out, and jump on the trend that’s been around for a few years, paint that old cabinet into a new colourway and put it in a different room, then suddenly it gets a new lease of life!

Now if you own your property, the possibilities are endless and if you look on Pinterest you get a few more challenging results under Creative Home Ideas.

What seems to be a theme, regardless of whether you are trying to get creative with your own home or one you’re renting is that you can make it yours, and it isn’t as hard as it seems. Changes to your smaller home accessories can make a huge difference. Yes a lick of paint, a feature wallpaper and a new floor will work of course, even structural changes will help your space be more yours but it’s the finishing touches that seem to allow people to really show off their creative flair and innovative skills.

I’ve found a selection of quite unusual ideas that are simple and not too hard to achieve. I have an office adorned with prints and pictures that inspire me, there is no wall space left, but I love the idea of if you didn’t want to make it so regimented, just sticking up images and tears that inspire you on the wall can make a really interesting display. Or if you can’t be as free as that, then pegging them onto some string works equally as well. Another idea is to attach some old creates to the wall and use them as display/shelving units for your decorative accessories or attach a drawer to the wall and use it as a jewellery and accessory storage area.

Creative Ideas for your home

What I have noticed is that there is a lot of recycling, or using items that have one purpose for another, in some cases completely changing their use and appearance. There are also some really unusual ideas that people have tried, some work and some don’t. What do you think? Do you like the idea of having a set of whisks hanging in your kitchen with t-lights in?

Unusual Ideas for the home

What this has made me do though is think about an objects purpose and how I could use some of my Decorque items for other uses. Like my cork placemats could be wall displays or pin boards for notes in the hallway? Or my plastic placemats could actually be used as beside table mats instead.

If the more crazy ideas are not for you, you can go simpler and just change the cushions on your sofa and the lampshade that sits on your bedside cabinet. Adding the finishing touches, and introducing some character through pattern and colour shows your creativity and style too. If you like the sound of home accessories such as these, then my range is perfect for you. I have cushions, lampshades and art prints that would work wonderfully in any home, I have plenty of designs to choose from so take a look.

Getting creative doesn’t have to cost a lot and doesn’t mean you have to go over the top, it can be simple and you can own it, so give it a go. Have you done anything creative to your home that you want to share or tell me about? If so get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.


Housewarming Presents

Moving into a new home is a wonderful feeling. It could be the first house you’ve owned, the first home with your partner, or the new house you’re renting in a city that you’ve relocated to. Whatever the situation, when you walk into your new space, the walls speak of potential memories to be made. You can look around at the blank canvas and know that you can make it your own. Even if you cannot fully decorate, adding a few small touches of character like a picture or lampshade can make a huge difference.

So when a friend or family member moves into a new home, house warming presents are the perfect way to start them on this journey. Giving a present celebrates the home owner’s new beginning and recognises the significance of their move.

So how do you find the perfect housewarming present? Unless you have very similar tastes, the main thing is not to buy something you’d want for your own house, however tempting that may be! Get a sense of their style by visualising their old house, or looking at photographs if you haven’t been there before, you could even subtly ask them if there is anything they need for their new home to get a better idea. It’s most likely that they will have kept their possessions so their new house will be set out in a similar fashion to their old one. Perhaps they prefer a minimalistic look and are known only to shop at IKEA. They may have a favourite colour, which meant their house was awash with it. Take the cues and buy a gift accordingly.

If they’re like me, they’ll prefer to shop in places that offer one-off finds and quirky accessories. I like to make my house my own and look around knowing that each item has meaning to me. Their rooms will be full of photographs of their loved ones and their walls adorned with paintings and prints. Their sofas will be stuffed with comfy cushions and their table tops covered in ornaments from previous adventures.

Cork Butterfly Bush CushionTwo Red & Black Butterfly Round Placemats

If this is the case, then the Decorque home décor accessories range will be perfect, which includes cushions, lamps, placemats and other home accessories. The range of patterns and colours means that you’re likely to find something that fits into your friend’s new home. The unique designs are ideal for those who like to ensure their house feels homely while showing their personality.

If you’re not sure what your friend’s style is or they’re starting completely afresh, think about other elements of their personality. Do they have a fondness for wildlife? Then a pattern with birds or animal print may be the winner. Perhaps they always wear bold coloured clothing and aren’t afraid to try new fashions. Seek out home décor accessories that are similar.

Also consider their situation. If they’re moving in with a partner, there may be something that signifies their relationship. For example, match a print to the flowers that they both love. Roses are special to me, so I love to surround myself with this pattern. Or are they techy, maybe a mouse mat or a gift for the office might be more suitable than thinking of their main living space.

Pink Rose Mouse Mat and Single Card - Mouse MatDecorque Classic Cork Gift Set

Remember, your friend will appreciate the thought over the final item. So if you can show that you spent time buying something that can’t be found on the high street and that reflects their preferences, it’ll be received with love. Don’t forget the presentation and wrapping can be as exciting as the present, so get in touch if you’d like any item gift wrapped or would like a card to match. And then sit back and let your gift be enjoyed, you might see it sitting pretty on their wall or coffee table when you visit their house a few months later, then you’ll know you have done a great job.

Pink Paradise Lampshade

Two Pink Rose & Skin Square Placemats in Situ


Home Decor Accessories

Don’t you just love walking into somebody’s house and seeing all of the little accessories that make it unique? You can get a sense of their style, see past holidays and influences. From the designs of the cushions to the art on the walls or ornaments in the display cabinet, and you know from the effort that they’ve put into their house that it is truly loved.

Fantasy Candelabra CushionTropically Toucan A4 Art PrintThat sense of individuality and spirit is often less obvious in minimalistic showroom-style houses, which often buy home accessories on the high street from well known retailers. A trend that has increased in popularity is people making their homes awash with bright, bold colours and mixed patterns and styles. Injecting your own personality into a room gives it a whole new lease of life and brings real character into your favourite spaces. Better still it makes your home a talking point when friends and family visit. This is where accessories come in. Alongside the pattern and furniture the room is adorned with unique finds that show a lot about the owners personality and style!

Tropical Skin Mouse Mat and Single Card - Mouse PadFloral Flight Lampshade - Main

Assuming you’re one of those people who like something a little different for their home décor, then my surface pattern designs on home accessories could be just what you’re looking for. Within the home décor accessories range on Decorque you will find a real mix of patterns, colours and unique designs applied to a variety of home accessories, all of which can help you to make a statement in your home and add that extra level of creative interest.

You’ll be able to find home accessories to fit any colour scheme and work with whatever style you’ve chosen, my designs mix up trends and many feature key motifs and subjects popular with many home accessory retailers and designers nowadays, such as birds and animal print to mention but a few.

Decorque Blue Classic Cushion - Close UpCharm of Hummingbirds Duo Cork Gift Set

My accessories also work in any room in the house and have versatile uses, such as the cork placemats can be used on your dining table, or in the kitchen to put your teapot on, or you can use the coasters in your living room or bedroom to pop your cup of tea on!

If you’ve got a similar style to me and like to fill your house with different accessories, then you’ll definitely be able to find a space on your wall for one of my art prints or a table that needs a set of coasters! All my unique home accessories are designed and created by myself and printed and made in the UK.

Four Tropical Panther Square Cork Coasters in Situ